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Video Verified Monitoring

Evolve from a reactive into a proactive monitoring system

Experience peace of mind knowing our team of surveillance professionals are watching over your business.

Remote Monitoring Technologies takes a proactive approach with live monitoring and surveillance. Our highly trained staff monitors the outside and inside of your property to help prevent crimes before they happen.

"Best in Class" camera solutions with powerful analytics

Remote Monitoring Technologies provides site analysis, custom system design, equipment purchase, installation, and the service and maintenance of related products.  Proactive monitoring advantages offered by Remote Monitoring Technologies to its clients include: the minimization of false alarms; incident verification at physical plant and with corporate vehicles; immediate notification to law enforcement; description and physical location of perpetrator(s) to law enforcement during the crime; immediate voice or alarm interaction with perpetrator(s); 24/7 on-site digital image recording and storage; redundant recording of events at monitoring station to preserve evidence, alarm indicator points for ease of reviewing incidents; and the significant lowering of the clients’ security costs by reducing or eliminating on-site guard personnel.

Video verified monitoring service benefits

Video verification with real-time interaction to a central command center on standby offers many benefits of an onsite security guard at a fraction of the cost.

Police are more responsive when they know an event is NOT a false alarm.

Emergency assistance at the push of button – ready to intervene immediately in a tense situation.

Scheduling of monitoring times and predetermined protocol tailored to customer’s needs.

Proactive Employee Safety Program with Voice/sound activated panic response

Remote Monitoring Technologies