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Service Level Agreements

In security, there are no second chances.

The RMT Secure Plan program is a service level agreement between us and our clients to provide them a very comprehensive level of support for their security systems. Our Plan is our base warranty package that includes device replacement and repair, onsite maintenance, or any issue that the client has.


Stress Free Security

Our Clients can call us and we will come out and fix it and it’s not billable, its included in the plan. RMT Sentry is our really exciting security network monitoring appliance that resolves on the client’s network. We include with every new install and with that appliance were able to monitor their sites for alerts, receive those alerts and fix the problem. When something goes down or when something’s about to go down we know.

We know if a hard drive is about to fail we can replace it before it fails. 50% of the time we’re dispatching service before our client even knows they have a problem. There is no question about whether we’re going to be there or not. We’ll be there! Too often many of our clients will discover that they have a failed camera when it’s too late. When they go look for a recorded event, that’s not there. RMT Secure Plan Health is a way for us to monitor that client’s system to ensure they are up and running 24/7.

A crisis is no time to discover something is wrong with your system. Therefore, it’s critical to your business’s security to have RMT Secure Plan by Remote Monitoring Technologies. It is an exclusive program designed to match your growing security needs and ensure maximum operation in a cost and time-effective manner. RMT’s Secure Plan is superior to any warranty because it keeps you one step ahead of your overall security needs by identifying and addressing changes and risks before they become an issue.


  • Preventative maintenance
  • Priority service and support
  • Statewide coverage
  • Extended warranty
  • No unknown failures or downtime
  • Same-day service
  • Saves money long-term
  • No surprise expenses
Remote Monitoring Technologies