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RMT Integration & Custom Solutions

Sometimes a single product or service fails to address a client’s needs. That is where RMT’s integrated solutions & services come in. By using the latest cutting-edge technologies along with Security as a Solution, Remote Monitoring Technologies works with the client to develop solutions that work as intended.

Elevated Surface Temperature Platform.

Whether the need arises to monitor a critical surface or area for unexpected temperature fluctuations or trying to get out in front of a situation where people are being monitored for elevated body temperature, RMT has the solution.

Thermal Radiometry has advanced to the very cutting edge of available technologies. Companies like Mobotix and FLIR have worked together and developed smart cameras with advanced built-in analytics. These smart cameras can detect fluctuations in temperature as small as .50MK

Combining this technology with item tracking or people counting can make for a powerful tool when trying to address certain issues. Ad in sensors that can detect carbon monoxide or other critical events, as they happen, and you have an even higher level of integration and solution solving options.

RMT is experienced in designing and developing these types of integrated solutions. Contact one of our certified professionals to discuss how RMT can help you find the right integrated solution for your situation.

Autonomous Solar Pole and Surveillance Platform.

Using advanced solar power management by companies like Morningstar and combining that expertise with a deep understanding of communication protocols, RMT can develop a way for our clients to “Be there from anywhere”. Get visual and audio notifications when something needs attention. Monitor your assets in real-time from anywhere on the planet or have RMT monitor them for you. All from the advanced capabilities of the RMT autonomous solar solution. Another integrated service from RMT.
This ability changes everything from a reactive situation to a proactive solution in real-time

So whether you are trying to keep an eye on a winery or agricultural assets or you’re looking to have the perimeter monitored at your facility where there is no available power,  RMT has you covered. If you are tasked with maintaining security on a construction project and need real-time event notifications, the RMT Autonomous  Solar Platform is the answer.

When you compare the cost of a live guard and all the issues those bring with them vs the never asleep RMT solar pole the choice is obvious.  RMT can deploy and activate the solar platform within minutes of having it delivered to your site. Using the latest cutting-edge technologies the poles can double as real-time management tools. Keep an eye on compliance issues and get out in front of potential issues before they grow into substantial problems for you and your organization.

Remote Monitoring Technologies