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Mobotix C26 In-Ceiling

$420.00 $499.00

The c26 is the smallest and lightest MOBOTIX hemispheric complete video system for ceiling installation indoors. Its features include a light-sensitive 6MP day or night sensor and MxAnalytics video analysis tools, which can be used for depicting customer movements in sales rooms, for instance.

Mobotix D16 Dualdome


Two lenses, two HiRes image sensors, internal MicroSD storage and a dual image of over 12 megapixels make the D16 DualDome an efficient security solution: Two different areas can be secured with just one camera. All without fragile mechanical components!

Mobotix Dome D26


Elegance and discreetness based on cutting-edge technology: Up to 42 HiRes images per second and excellent image quality even under poor illumination. The MOBOTIX Dome is perfectly suited for any task. Exchangeable lenses and various mounting and configuration options, including Vandalism Set, support countless applications.


MOBOTIX DualFlex S16

$748.00 $799.00

The S16 from MOBOTIX is a weatherproof system that stands out first and foremost for the extremely flexible installation options it offers. Two sensor modules are connected to the concealed camera housing via cables up to three meters long. This makes it possible to discreetly monitor two neighboring rooms with just a single camera.

Mobotix Flex S16m


The compact Flex camera is a universally deployable, easy concealable video system with a highly detailed resolution of 6 megapixels. The fully weatherproof IP camera has an integrated sensor module. Thanks to the hemispheric lens, an area can be secured without any blind spots.

MOBOTIX Indoor i26


The i26 was specially developed for wall installation. Thanks to its tilt angle of 15°, it provides a perfect overview. A single i26 with a 180° lens monitors an entire room. The camera’s compact design ensures an inconspicuous appearance in all environments.

Mobotix M16b Thermographic Camera Tr, 50 Mk, R079 (45°)


True to the original: Weatherproof and robust, the latest successor to our successful M1 through M12 dual camera models features interchangeable sensor modules as well as the latest MOBOTIX system technology. The result is a product completely unrivaled in terms of performance, functionality and design.


Mobotix M26 allround

$858.00 $999.00

The Allround family comprises compact, cost-efficient and extremely powerful all-round cameras featuring 6MP Moonlight technology and a vast choice of lenses including hemispheric models. Fully equipped with IP66-certified housing and long-term internal storage on a MicroSD card.

Mobotix M26b Complete Cam 6mp, B016 (day)


Our proven all-purpose camera system for mounting on ceilings, walls and poles also easily meets the demanding requirements of protection classes IP66 and IK10.

Mobotix V16b Complete Cam 6mp, 2x B041 (day)


The V16 models are the most robust of all MOBOTIX cameras and can withstand even the toughest attacks. Inside, they always feature the latest, multifunctional MOBOTIX dual camera technology with the option of connecting external devices and sensors.

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