Oil & Gas Security Video/Sensor Monitoring Solutions

Be there from anywhere...

RMT surveillance technologies can be used to monitor remote locations in order to provide security, gather information, and ensure the safety of individuals and assets. These technologies can include cameras, sensors, and other monitoring equipment that is placed at the remote location and connected to a central monitoring system. This allows organizations to keep an eye on their remote locations in real-time, even when they are physically located elsewhere.

Wireless Communication Types

4G LTE - for remote locations
Point-to-Point - for local wireless connectivity
Satellite - for the most remote locations

We Specialize in Camera Systems for Remote Locations in the Oil & Gas Industry

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  • Remote project management 
  • Reduced travel costs
  • Deter theft and vandalism
  • Improve safety
  • Mobile viewing
  • Real time perimeter and asset protection systems
  • SCADA Integration

Camera Types for Remote Locations

Remote Monitoring Technologies