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The New Standalone All-in-One Solution with Integrated Video Management Software

MOBOTIX now offers the MOVE NVR (Network Video Recorder), a particularly practical and easy-to-use plug & play solution – ideal for local video surveillance systems with a limited number of MOBOTIX MOVE cameras.

This compact end-to-end video solution is recommended for numerous applications: in retail stores, restaurants or private homes – whenever the existing video analysis functions of the MOBOTIX MOVE cameras are sufficient. All connected cameras are supported by the integrated, cost- and license-free MOBOTIX MOVE NVR video management software, which is tailored to the MOBOTIX MOVE cameras.


All MOVE NVR units ordered from MOBOTIX as of serial number RD20C00001 (8CH version) or as of serial number RD20C00201 (16 CH version) feature

  • Drill holes on the sides to be able to install the device in a 19″ standard rack using the new mounting brackets that can be ordered from MOBOTIX (Mx-M-NVR8-RM and Mx-M-NVR16-RM) and
  • via additional four signal inputs and four switching outputs at the rear of the device (e.g. for external room sensors, switching of light relays in case of alarm, etc.)

How to setup and configure the MOBOTIX MOVE NVR

For iOS and Android: Free MOBOTIX MOVE NVR App (Available from August 2020)

A free app serving as a mobile VMS solution to display and control all MOBOTIX MOVE cameras connected to a MOBOTIX MOVE NVR (Live View, Playback View, PTZ control). The connection to the MOBOTIX MOVE NVR and the cameras is established locally via an additional WLAN connection.


Two devices with many talents: MOBOTIX MOVE NVR with 8 or 16 channels

The MOBOTIX MOVE NVR desktop devices are available in two versions: one with 8 and one with 16 video channels and PoE ports. This allows a maximum of 8 or up to 16 MOBOTIX MOVE PoE cameras to be networked and powered directly with each other. It is also possible to connect an additional four or eight externally supplied IP cameras to the MOBOTIX MOVE NVR 8CH or 16CH. In this way, cameras that are physically further away can be connected to the MOVE NVR LAN Port via an additional PoE switch using only one network connection cable.


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