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The E x p a n d a b l e Video Management Platform

Reach new levels of video intelligence. Discover new worlds and connections. With the open MOBOTIX HUB video management platform, the possibilities are endless. MOBOTIX HUB integrates the evergrowing variety of intelligent video analysis tools from top developers around the world. MOBOTIX HUB will change the way video technology is used. It is the platform that gives you the perfect overview to secure, control and improve your business.

Count on US!


central hub for controlling and monitoring all components


different service packages for companies of all types and sizes

1 For 1

simple purchasing: 1 license,  1 price per integrated device  


possibilities for complementary system applications (software/open platform)  

3 +1

interfaces to access the system (mobile, web, desk and video wall)

10.000 +

devices compatible with the platform

Versatile & Customized

For companies of all types and sizes

MOBOTIX HUB is a video management platform (VMP) for businesses of all types and sizes. It integrates all elements of state-of-the-art video surveillance systems – even in highly complex structures and across multiple locations. You can choose the video management platform of your choice from five different levels (application packages) and switch to a different level if required.

You Determine The Altitude

MOBOTIX HUB – five levels for different requirements

Video security systems exist in every shape and size, from a few local cameras to thousands worldwide. That‘s why MOBOTIX HUB comes in five levels for different needs. It enables you to organize your video surveillance effectively and centrally – even with multiple locations. Always remain flexible and scalable with a very simple license model: one license and one price per device. This gives you the freedom and scalability to add cameras and other devices as you wish in the future.

Always discover new worlds thanks to open platforms

State-of-the-art video security solutions are multi-layered. While cameras are the bedrock  of every system, the application can be expanded almost without limits by the addition of  intelligent event and analysis software – supported by deep learning and artificial intelligence. 

Special software add-ons and plug-ins for the MOBOTIOX HUB platform or MOBOTIX IoT cameras let you build  an all-round solution with extra functions that go far beyond the classic security application. With the comprehensive range of unique solutions, all requirements across any  industry can be mapped in a targeted manner. Even emerging tasks can be tackled in a targeted way [accommodated?] thanks to the open platform.

MOBOTIX HUB Control Center: Everything in View!

Access to your video surveillance systems

Whether you are a small company or a global corporation – whether you are at home, at work, or on the road, with flexible access options, you are always in control of your MOBOTIX HUB and thus of your entire video security network and all third-party systems connected to it. You or your IT administrator use the Management Client to configure the MOBOTIX HUB and integrate it into your video security system. The Management Client is separate from the user interface for the users, making the MOBOTIX HUB operation clear, simple, and convenient. As an operator, you can choose from the following access options: Web Client, Mobile Client, Desk Client and MOBOTIX Video Wall (for L4/L5).

Test MOBOTIX HUB for free!

Permanently as a free entry-level version

In addition, MOBOTIX HUB L1 can be used permanently as a free entry-level version. This way, you can test and use the user-friendliness of MOBOTIX HUB with up to eight cameras extensively and for an unlimited time.

Test L2 - L5 now free of charge

The MOBOTIX HUB Levels L2 to L5 are available on request for 30 days free of charge and without any restrictions. Take advantage of this opportunity to test the functions of the video management platform extensively and without obligation.

Licenses, pricing model, and maintenance

MOBOTIX HUB is designed to provide a convenient and straightforward overview of your video security system. The licensing model is just as simple and straightforward: one license and one price per device. This gives you the freedom to add cameras and other devices as you wish in the future.


  • One basic license for your entire video management platform
  • One device license per integrated device
  • Optional “MOBOTIX HUB Advanced Services” in addition to each device license

Always on top with Advanced Services:

To maintain constant and consistent security, efficiency and performance, MOBOTIX HUB is regularly updated. Advanced Services is your software maintenance package that ensures you have immediate access to product updates. This provides the long-term stability of your system. With three product updates per year, you are always a step ahead of the times.

Dynamic Events

In addition to server-based software applications, you can expand your network-integrated MOBOTIX IoT cameras with apps from the MOBOTIX 7 platform. The cameras and apps are installed on each camera. They trigger the alarms to the MOBOTIX HUB via the „Dynamic Events“ function where they can be viewed in real-time.


Additional failover protection through decentralisation

MOBOTIX IP cameras feature integrated recording and DVR management technology. In addition to failover backup via MOBOTIX HUB servers, supported by ONVIF G the autonomous MOBOTIX IoT cameras offer decentralised backup if data connection fails. Additional licenses for recording software in the camera are not required.


Extreme Durability

MOBOTIX only offers high-quality video surveillance systems that are among the most robust in the industry. They can withstand harsh conditions such as high temperature, dust, dirt and extreme weather. With an above-average mean time between failure of more than nine years, maintenance and support costs for a MOBOTIX system are minimal.


Excellent Image Quality

MOBOTIX video systems consist of high-performance, high-quality components made in Germany. They are assembled and put through rigorous testing at our state-of-the-art factory in Langmeil. Even in low-light conditions, our video systems deliver outstanding image quality. This is how the excellent overview with MOBOTIX HUB delivers accurate and detailed insight.


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