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Enjoy more freedom with MOBOTIX CLOUD.

Reach new levels of video intelligence. Discover new worlds and connections. With the open MOBOTIX HUB video management platform, the possibilities are endless. MOBOTIX HUB integrates the evergrowing variety of intelligent video analysis tools from top developers around the world. MOBOTIX HUB will change the way video technology is used. It is the platform that gives you the perfect overview to secure, control and improve your business.

Proven in Practice


As a full-service provider, CITYWATT develops and operates custom 360° charging station concepts for its clients and, as a supplier of electricity for use in electric vehicles, ensures easy charging throughout Europe.

Gravity Active Entertainment, UK

Gravity Active Entertainment needed an effective CCTV system for security and operational monitoring, compliance and risk management. “ASE and MOBOTIX offered a complete, integrated solution and an affordable 360° camera – essential for covering large spaces.

Hardware: MOBOTIX Bridge

The MOBOTIX Bridge connects you to the CLOUD. Other than your video cameras, this small box is all you need to get started.

  • Encrypt data and ensure your internal network is secured against any external threats
  • Protect against data loss during bandwidth fluctuations and extended network outages (buffer memory)
  • Manage up to 15 cameras at the same time on the same local network
  • Automatic software updates
  • Connects directly to an external monitor, allowing up to four cameras to be displayed simultaneously

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