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Intelligent building management systems IBMS

Smarter Buildings with IOT

Utilize IoT technology to gather data on various aspects within buildings through networked sensors and IoT Cloud. The building will be more efficient, cost-optimization and lowering the bad-environmental impact.

Intelligent Buildings, or Smart Buildings, link infrastructure and IoT together to streamline and monitor all areas of the building’s functions, from HVAC systems to access control. With the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), Intelligent Buildings can now also integrate mass notification systems to provide building occupants and managers situational awareness and support business continuity.

Separate stand-alone systems using different protocols and platforms can be combined into a single, seamless building management system.

IoT Camera Solutions

Life Safety and Fire Solutions

Building Automation

Access Control

Smart buildings include private homes, offices and commercial buildings, workplaces, and factories and warehouses.

Smart buildings deliver actionable information about a building itself or a specific room inside it so that owners or tenants can better manage it. The term smart building usually refers to commercial buildings, while the term smart home usually refers to private residences, but much of the functionality is the same and so the terms overlap.

The goal of creating a smart building is to reduce operating expenses, improve occupant comfort, automate energy consumption management, track the status of core building assets, and meet global regulations and sustainability standards in the industry.

To be effective, smart buildings require complex monitoring of the IoT networks that control the building system.

Remote Monitoring Technologies